Tuesday, 15 May 2012

50026 Indomitable Smokes Around Swanage (Swanage Gala 12th May 2012 - part 1)

50026 departs Harman's Cross with 1S03 11:05 Norden - Swanage. 50026 was new as D426 in June 1968 and withdrawn in December 1990, being sold to Booth at Rotherham, from where it was purchased for preservation in 1993, initially in storage on the Mid-Hants Railway.
Approaching Harman's Cross with 2N04 10:00 Swanage - Norden
Between turns at Swanage
Backing onto 2N10 12:15 Swanage to Norden
Laying down smoke 50 style when departing Swanage with 2N10.