Saturday, 22 June 2013

Eastleigh Works, 22nd June 2013

Network Rail 57303 (previously D1957, Brush, January 1967 then 47554 and 47705) with 47841 within the works.
47841 (D1726 from Brush in March 1964, later 47134, 47622) seen within the works following recent repaint, and with a new cooler group fitted. 
LT C stock awaiting scrapping. The first car 5708 is newer C77 stock, which was built to indirectly replace CO/CP stock operating on the Wimbledon - Edgeware Road section of the District Line. Eleven six car trains were ordered from Metro-Cammell, with first deliveries in July 1977, entering service on 12th December that year on the Hammersmith & City. Seen here after delivery earlier this month, and here in service last winter. This was the third C77 withdrawal. The second coach is C69 stock 5589, seen here being delivered on 6th June. Current status for these withdrawals at District Dave's Forum (page set at start of withdrawal update for these coaches) also this link.
Network Rail 57310 (previously D1618, Crewe, September 1964. later 47037, 47563 and 47831) and DBSO 9710.