Thursday 31 December 2020

A visit to Haymarket Shed, Edinburgh, 27th February 1980

Wednesday afternoon was assigned for recreation while at university, so an organised trip, with a permit, to Haymarket shed, one of two that I attended during these years. I did not always take a camera, photography was relatively expensive in those days, especially on a student budget.

We appear to have taken the train from Waverley to Haymarket. A Deltic could be heard under the station roof, 55011 The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers was found waiting to depart with 1E15 14:25 Edinburgh - Newcastle. This Deltic last worked a train to Kings Cross on 5th November 1981, and was withdrawn on the 8th, to move a power unit to 55022. It moved to Doncaster Works on 24th, with disposal completed in December 1982

26025 awaited us, with engine running, upon arrival at the shed. The locomotive was at time allocated to Inverness (IS). It had been delivered new from BRCW as D5325 on 14th May 1959, received its HGR and air brakes in July 1986, and was withdrawn in October 1993. It is preserved, one of two at the Strathspey Railway, which have spent a long time in deep storage.

The locomotive behind was 40077 of Gateshead (GD). This locomotive was new as D277 on 30th May 1960, and was withdrawn on 17th June 1983, leading to scrapping at BREL Doncaster in April 1984.

47703 Saint Mungo was also present with engine running. Originally delivered as D1960 from Brush, Loughborough, in July 1967, later becoming 47514. It became 47703 in March 1979 following overhaul and push-pull conversion at BREL Crewe. After running through the ownership of Waterman, Fragonset and Cotswold, and now Harry Needle Railroad Co. It currently is at Doncaster Wabtec, performing duties as an ETH supply.

55002 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry was on shed following arrival of 1S12 05:50 King's Cross - Aberdeen where it had come off at Edinburgh. It returned south later on 1E42 23:15 Edinburgh - King’s Cross. Now part of the National Collection.

46050 lay beyond the Deltic. My notes on this one have been confused for over 40 years, as I had noted it along with 55012 from a trip into Edinburgh on the preceding Sunday evening. I did not note it again separately on the 27th. The identity is verified by the distinctive gash pattern in the bodyside grilles

46050 (GD) was delivered new as D187 from BR Crewe to Gateshead on 23rd November 1962. It was withdrawn on 26th October 1982, with less than 20 years of service. Following storage at Healey Mills and Leicester, it was broken up at BREL Swindon in March 1985.

20223 can just be seen at right, inside the shed. It was delivered to Haymarket on 20th October 1967, and was always allocated in Scotland. Withdrawn on 19th November 1987, after which it was stored at Thornton and Kingmoor before disposal at MC Metals at Glasgow in December 1983. A flamecut is still around.

47460 was on the naughty step, in the sidings along with a handful of other locomotives which typically spent weeks awaiting parts and repairs. This locomotive was new as D1580 from BR Crewe on 8th May 1964, allocated to Gateshead. In April 1978 it was controversially named GREAT EASTERN in an initiative by Stratford Shed, and contrary to a no-naming policy. It arrived at HA in July 1979, and served on the Scottish Region until November 1990. At the time of the picture, the locomotive was both dual-brake and dual-heat. Withdrawn in January 1992 from CD, and broken up in May 1994 at Booth, Rotherham.