Tuesday 8 December 2020

Eastleigh Works, 4th December 2020


08507 coupled to 701007, which was 'Not to be Moved'. EMR painted power car 43083 was hidden behind, and smoking slightly.

Northern Rail painted 319380 arrived on 19th November from Northampton. An unidentified Class 317 lies beyond, and 57302 is in the further distance. The Class 442 is believed to be 442407, from which MBC 62943 has been removed, and was scrapped in November.

A corner of 57305 can be seen while being finished for return to Rail Operations Group.

Barrier coach 6344 came out of the paint shop, as part of preparation for delivery to Rail Operations Group. Completed as BG W81263 by Pressed Steel to Lot 30163 in August 1957. In February 1984 became 92080 as a 100 mph BG fitted with PA equipment. It then ran until March 1990 when it became HST Barrier 6344.