Saturday 5 January 2019

31st December 2018 - 5th January 2019

800102 (left, assuming it has not moved) and newly arrived 800104 alongside a work platform area, Eastleigh, 5th January.

Monday 31st December:
Tuesday 1st January: 
Wednesday 2nd January:
Thursday 3rd January: wagon derailed at Eastleigh one two three
Friday 4th January:
Saturday 5th January: 800104 5X41 0226 Acton Main Line - Eastleigh (originated on Friday from Merchant Park Sidings as 5X39 at 21:21 on Friday - this location is Hitachi at Newton Aycliffe, then later ran as 5X40 from Doncaster - Acton)

Colas sale and leaseback with Beacon: Not all locomotives have been sold to Beacon, the UK part of the transaction appears to involved 5 Class 56 (not yet identified which), 66846 - 66850, 67023 & 67027 and 70811 - 70817.

Class 165 has now worked to Portsmouth - Turbo operations in five coach formations started on 5th January with 165131 + 166213 one two three four five six