Saturday 5 January 2019

A second helping at Aberdour, 24th December 2018

The Colas 70 operated cement empties were operating so to Aberdour again, this time in frosty conditions, which had persisted for much of the day.

Much could change over the next year with the end of the Fife Circle loco-hauled, and the anticipated replacement of the HSTs on 'The Aberdonian'. Initially, the Fife Circle coaches leased from Riviera could apparently be replaced with  similar DRS owned coaches becoming surplus from the Cumbrian Coast workings.

68006 Daring arrives with 2K14 18:17 Glenrothes with Thornton - Edinburgh.

9539 is a Mk2F BSO completed to Lot 30861 at BREL Derby in 1974. The coach understood to be leased in from Riviera. Could it be replaced by a DBSO running as a BSO?

5987 is a Mk2F built to Lot 30860 at Derby in 1973-74. Similarly appears to be leased  from Riviera.

1S20 14:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen 'The Aberdonian' is led by 43317 (43117, BREL Crewe, May 1979).

43367 DELTIC 50 1955-2005 was on the rear. Originally 43167, completed in September 1981.

70811 drags the cement empties 6B32 16:58 Craiginches Aberdeen C.Ra - Oxwellmains Lafarge Colas, a full consist of JPA wagons.