Tuesday 1 January 2019

SRPS Diesel Gala, Bo'ness, 29th December 2018

A full set appears on One Drive. No snow and relatively warm this year, the sun was low, reflecting this latitude, and time of year, further north than Moscow.

47643 prepared for its first outing since repairs and repaint. The timetable explained "Remembrance headboard as a tribute to the late Ian Robertson, SRPS Diesel Group Volunteer".

The arrival of the guests, 56302 PECO The Railway Modeller 2016 70 Years, 66428 (a late swap for 66426), with resident 27001.

66428 arrived 0B66 07:30 Motherwell - Bo'ness, arrived Bo'ness Jn Exchange Sdg at 08:40.
56302 arrived 0Z56 08:00 Grangemouth Ineos - Bo'ness, arrived Bo'ness Jn Exchange Sdg at 08:52.

Former DRS liveries on 37261 under restoration, and 37703 (37067 on the other side), operable under loan.

20020 is currently awaiting power unit repairs.

25235 continues under overhaul, the repaired wheelsets are on the left.

D2767 returns to the shed, having completed a shunt.

56302 prepares to depart Bo'ness with 37067 (37703), to return to the main line at Manuel. Originally built as 56124 from BREL Crewe in September 1983.

56302 departed 0Z57 (?) 16:30 Bo'ness Jn Exchange Sdg - Grangemouth Ineos, leaving on time.

66428 prepared for its departure run to Manuel.

66428 departed 0D67 16:52 Bo'ness Jn Exchange Sdg - Motherwell, leaving at 16:40, but 7 minutes late at destination.

Afternoon departures of 56302 and 66428 for the exchange siding and return to the main line.