Sunday 13 January 2019

Eastleigh Works and Depot, 12th January 2019

D1944 (47501) CRAFTSMAN has been receiving attention in the works since August, and now seems to be being prepared for return to Locomotive Services. On the left, there is a glimpse of 47739, finished since the summer in an undisclosed livery for GBRf, which is covered over, while the locomotive remains parked.

Mk2E FO 3229 SNOWDON (Lot 30843, Derby, December 1972) is being returned to charter service in Locomotive Services' Statesman fleet, following a lengthy period of storage.

Mk 2D TSO 5632 & BSO 9494 remain in the scrapping area. Ominously close again are Geismar VMT 860 PL/UM (MPV / GP-TRAMM) DR98305 (closer to camera) + DR98306.

TEA wagons GERS 89019 (left) and 89018 have been out-shopped and are now in the yard awaiting a move back into traffic. Both arrived on 3rd October 2017, and spent much of 2018 on accommodation bogies.

800102 and 800104 around the staging area at the T&RSMD, but cannot confirm which is which. Work was happening, the coupling hook doors on the left hand unit were open three hours later. 5-WES 'Plastic Pig' 442405 is parked on the right.