Sunday 13 January 2019

On Track Plant, Eastleigh, 12th January 2019

DR 73931 Plasser & Theurer 08-16/4x4C100-RT Tamper, completed by Plasser at West Ealing in August 2002. This had arrived on the preceding day from Rugby.

DR 80217, a Harsco Track Technologies Stoneblower of 2004.

DRP 81505 Plasser & Theurer GPC72 Heavy Duty Diesel Hydraulic Crane, which was new as DB 969002 in 1978.

The crane runner was RRA 400003, a rather rare wagon, although we have seen the FPA container equivalent with DRS from which these were converted, and originally an SAA (here is 400002). Built at BR Ashford in 1970.

At the other end of the rake was OBA 110283 (Lot 3909, Ashford 1977).