Friday 4 January 2019

Artemis 19001, Bo'ness, 29th December 2018

The majority interest in Artemis IP has been sold from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to Danfoss, the former remaining as a minority owner.

Danfoss acquires majority shares in disruptive technology leader

Jobs boost as Danish firm builds new hydraulic plant in Scotland

19001 (DVT 82113) has been on trials on the Bo'ness & Kineill Railway, eventually expected to see a trial with Chiltern.

This is the shunt end.

The front bogie has two assemblies as part of the digital displacement drive.

 Two further pictures of the drive arrangement. The bogie is still to the original pattern, and the rear bogie appears to be unchanged.

Artemis set to test alternative traction system

Facebook page for 19001

Who remembers the BR Research 'Hydra' of 1980?