Monday 29 August 2016

"The last Holybourne Tanks", 29th August 2016

* Well, not the last, really - rather like the multiple "last Hamworthy Stone".

66194 0B41 06:51 Eastleigh - Fawley, 6Y32 08:24 Fawley - Holybourne, 6Y34 20:03 Holybourne - Eastleigh (for 6B41 0648½ Eastleigh- Fawley on Tuesday 30th) - is believed to be the last cycle from Fawley of the 'Holybourne Tanks'. There was no special headboard.

Formation of 10 VTG TEAs I believe to have been: 82749 + 82748 + 82751 + 82752 + 82756 + 82750 + 82204 + 82755 + 82754 + 82753 (most of these came from store at Long Marston for this flow, in July 2014)

The tanks have been reported as to be moved to Holybourne for further storage, with a potential movement on Wednesday in the same path.

66194 rounding the curve at Redbridge.

TEA VTG 82749 - part of a lot built by Procor in 1981-86, originally prefix PR for Procor then later CAIB.

TEA VTG 82204 is from an earlier build by Standard Wagon in 1980, showing construction and bogie differences. Originally built for Railease, owner prefix RLS.

A farewell glimpse.

IGas presentation (see page 20)

Simon Howard's retrospective page

TEA 82755 at School Road, Hythe on 18th August

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2013 Waterside Rail Study for Hampshire Council: "The analysis has shown that for a relatively modest (in rail industry terms) capital investment, it is possible to develop passenger services plus three new stations on the Waterside line. However, the latent demand in the area, overlayed with existing good provision of public transport (bus / ferry) in the area, is not sufficient to support the service. Should rail services be a strong priority, one of the other public transport modes would need to be sacrificed, and that has a host of political ramifications associated with it."