Wednesday, 3 August 2016

47761 and D1048 at Swanwick, 2nd July 2016

47761 was new as D1619 from BR Crewe on 12th September 1964, and allocated to 16A Toton. Renumbered to 47038 in February 1974, then to 47564 in July 1980 upon addition of ETH. Modified to 47761 in March 1994, and stored for withdrawal by EWS in December 2003. It arrived at the Midland Railway Centre in February 2008, but it is there as a parts donor for 47401 and 47417.

47761 alongside D1048 Western Lady. The latter was new from BR Crewe on 15th December 1962 and survived to the end for the class on 28th February 1977. It has resided at the Midland Railway Centre since March 1997.

In better times, passing Eastleigh with a VSOE working on 1st September 2002.