Friday 22 February 2019

IEPs at Westbury, 8th February 2019

The new trains. Enthusiast confusions prevail ...

1) Are these IEP or IET trains? It seems that they are IEP trains, of which the GWR variant is 'IET'. Those GWR IET not part of the DfT IEP activity are AT300. So far it appears that my previous captions have been compliant!

2) Which works built and completed each train? British, Japanese or Italian? It varies, but GWR Class 802 are mostly Italian.

3) Will the train make it past Dawlish? The Class 802 are intended to be more robust for salt water spray issues passing Dawlish.

802015 + 802003 operating the 1A77 05:41 Penzance - Paddington. Class 802 trains, of which there are 22 five car 802/0 and 7 nine car 802/1 on order, with uprated engines, larger fuel tanks, and more robust roof mounted brake resistors, for services into Devon and Cornwall. These AT300 trains are assembled at Pistoia in Italy, the former Ansaldo Breda facility, except for 802001 / 003 / 101, assembled in Kasado, Japan. 

802003 was the first assembled in Italy, although this unit has bodyshells built in Japan, from 802004 these were MIG welded in Italy from flat packs supplied from Japan.

800321 is the last of the 9 car Class 800/3, intended for HST replacement, and delivered on 11th December 2018, the 50th IET from Newton Aycliffe, assembled using bodyshells imported from Kasado, Japan.

 Cab end view of 800321.

800316 departs with 1A83 11:32 Paignton - Paddington. This unit departed Newton Aycliffe on 31st August.

800316 heads for London via the Berks & Hants.