Wednesday 13 February 2019

HST operations at Westbury, 8th February 2019

The GWR full length HST operations are currently expected to complete in the May period. The HST GTi sets have now started to run on the Bristol - Plymouth - Penzance diagrams. Watching 'the general public' get on and off these trains showed that many do not recognise that the doors remain a manual slam-door operation.

43098 (BREL Crewe, July 1978) is owned by First, and fitted to support door operation on the GTi sets, for which it has already been noted on the early workings. Here it is operating as a traditional HST, 1A79 06:47½ Penzance - Paddington.

43174 (BREL Crewe, August 1981) was on the rear. This power car is owned by Angel Trains, and is believed to have come off lease after usage on Saturday 9th. Update: Worked to Ely for storage 5th March.

43197 (BREL Crewe, August 1982) arrives with 1C81 12:33 Paddington - Taunton. Owned by Porterbrook, and expected to come off-lease. Update: Off-lease by 5th March, to Long Marston 11th March.

43193 (BREL Crewe, May 1982) on the rear. Again owned by Porterbrook, and expected to come off-lease. One of the long standing signals on the gantry has been replaced by the LED signal only partially seen above the train. Update: Off-lease by 5th March, to Long Marston 11th March, still in pair with 43197.

43192 (BREL Crewe, May 1982) arrives with 1A87 1255 Plymouth - Paddington. This Angel Trains owned power car is due to come off-lease.

43071 (BREL Crewe, November 1977) on the rear. Owned by Porterbrook and due to come off-lease.