Sunday 10 February 2019

DB Cargo Red, Westbury, 8th February 2019

A day at Westbury in high winds and rain, capturing Mendip aggregates trains when still under the current contract with DB Cargo, planned to change to Freightliner in the autumn.

66044 shunting from up to down sides with some auto-ballasters. These then formed the rear part of 6O41 to Eastleigh, with the locomotive trailing at the tail of the train.

66149 passes with 07:47 Acton - Whatley.

The consist was formed of HRA wagons, which are shortened HTA wagons converted 2017-18 from usage in coal traffic to aggregates use. This example is 41.70.6723.013-2. 

59206 arrives with 7B12 11:30 Merehead - Wootton Bassett.

66009 arrived on the rear of 6W05 05:15 Whitland - Westbury, and took over yard shunting duties.

59204 arrives to run around 7O40 13:35 Merehead - Eastleigh.