Tuesday 22 August 2023

SRPS Diesel Gala, 28th May 2023 Part 3: In Workshops, Yard and Museum


Barclay No 1 0-6-0 (jack shaft drive) AB343/1941  Diesel-mechanical locomotive, ICI, Dalbeattie, No.1; Royal Naval Stores, Kirkliston, from 1943. This locomotive was driven into preservation in 1973, along the Edinburgh - Glasgow main line.

Hydrogen Train 614209, partially stripped post-demonstration, pending decision.

Last loco built at Crewe, 91131 is the new enthusiast draw at the Museum of Scottish Railways. In 1995, it ran at 154 mph.

55189 was being cleaned in its recently applied BR black.

47643, awaiting attention for wheelsets; 26024 needing repairs; 37214 for spares.

26038 is under overhaul, with ongoing attention to the "eyebrows". Holes have been made for Inverness style 7" sealed beam headlights (LED equivalents are available!).

20020, awaiting engine repairs.

80105 in foreground, with Mk1 TSO 4836 undergoing extensive repairs.