Saturday, 28 March 2015

Freight Workings, 28th March 2015

66570 passes at Eastleigh with 4O18 05:03 Lawley Street - Maritime.
66569 follows half an hour later with 4O14 06:17 Hams Hall - Maritime
 66194 with an STP 6Z48 14:04 Eastern Docks to Didcot Yard, passing Romsey
 These are 4 wheel car, 8 axle set, IPA single deck articulated car carriers belonging to STVA, (Laadffoos), and the last seen here was 23.87.4384.042-9. The build appears to be by ZNK Albert in Romania.
70014 with 4O51 05:27 Leeds to Maritime via Birmingham and Laverstock - having used ECML for some recent weeks. Not sure when this will revert to standard route through Eastleigh.