Monday 26 March 2018

37059 + 37069 return to Crewe, Eastleigh 25th March 2018

0Z38 15:35 Eastleigh - Crewe

On Saturday 24th, 37059 + 37069 were the power for Pathfinder's  "The Heart of Wales Wanderer", and on Sunday they returned light engine from Eastleigh - Crewe Gresty Bridge, arriving 24 minutes early at Gresty Lane, to resume duties in the XHNC pool (DRS Locomotives Nuclear Traffic).

The number of DRS Class 37's is dwindling, so pairs like these may become rarer. There are 8 locomotives in pool XHNC

37038 - on repairs at Gresty Bridge for some time
37716 - on repairs at Kingmoor

37059 was new from English Electric Vulcan Foundry as D6759 on 12th October 1962. Renumbered to 37059 on 16th November 1973. Stored by EWS in January 1999, and moved ownership to DRS on 19th July 2003. Overhauled and returned to service in 2003, stored in April 2012, to Barrow Hill, returned to usage in October 2014.

English Electric cab and bogie view.

37069 was new from English Electric Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns (Darlington) as D6769 in July 1962. Renumbered as 37069 in July 1974. Sent to France in July 1999, returning in October 2000 and stored WNXX at Wigan CRDC. Selected for overhaul at Brush for DRS, arriving at Loughborough in February 2002, released to traffic in August 2003. Stored in May 2012, overhauled at RVEL Derby from July 2015, returning to traffic in October of that year.

Heading away.

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