Sunday 25 March 2018

60163 'Tornado' at Salisbury, 24th March 2018

The Sulis & Sarum Express

1Z63 08:00 Tame Bridge Parkway - Bath - Salisbury
1Z65 16:30 Salisbury - Bath - Tame Bridge Parkway

A full set appears on OneDrive.

Having made a good climb up the bank out of Westbury, the train was running 8 minutes early through the Wylye Valley, arriving 6 minutes early at its destination. 

In platform 4 after arrival.

Departure for the East Yard, where the stock was deposited for servicing.

The locomotive was serviced in the bay platforms, attended by two water bowsers.

After servicing the locomotive returned to the East Yard, and is seen on a little used crossover from there to access platform 4.

Awaiting departure for Tame Bridge Parkway.