Saturday 3 March 2018

26th February - 3rd March 2018

158880 at Crampmoor in a rapid thaw, 3rd March.

Monday 26th February: 67008 5O61 09:53 Wembley - Eastleigh one
Tuesday 27th February: 66789 unveiled in "large-logo" at Eastleigh one two three four
Wednesday 28th February:
Thursday 1st March: Snow - services in New Forest were stuck overnight - Swaystatement
Friday 2nd March: Snow - limited service (no trains seemed to run on the Chandler's Ford line)
Saturday 3rd March: Chandlers Ford trains resuming, no SWR service beyond Southampton until a limited service to Bournemouth started in the afternoon, XC were running some trains, but there are cancellations. The SITT was run to Weymouth, butt the melt was well underway before it arrrived in the area. 66741 + 66769 3Z89 10:45 Tonbridge - Weymouth - Tonbridge one two three four five six

Similarly there are cancellations on Freightliner, as may be expected with longer distance freight and with locomotives in unexpected locations. One from Lawley Street is running, but the other is not, that from Garston is cancelled, that from Leeds never started, similarly from Basford Hall. Also cancelled is the DBC operated cars from Cowley.

Snow: Daily Mail: Nineteen hours and counting: Passengers are STILL stranded after spending the night in -2C without heating, food, water or toilets

Eastleigh Works: 07Feb - 08Feb (Geismar MPV DR98305 + DR98306 reported sold to Raxstar, for scrap) - 09Feb

On the MPV, here is a 1998 article from the Railway Gazette.

Rumour: Hector Rail to take over freight operations of Colas including some Class 70 locomotives, and merge into GBRf?