Wednesday 28 February 2018

HSTs at Westbury, 16th February 2018

Later this year there will be change change, and some Class 802 units can be expected. although operating in diesel mode on these lines. Meanwhile enjoy the full service of HSTs while you can.

43004 came out of BREL Crewe in March 1976. Owned by Angel Trains.

The 'Legends of the Great Western' artwork applied in 2017 on 43093 Old Oak Common HST Depot 1976-2018, which was new from Crewe in June 1978. Owned by First Group, and will be retained.

43160 was new in March 1981. Owned by Porterbrook, this was the last power car to be fitted with a spare cab.

43056 was new in July 1977. Now owned by Porterbrook.

An HST sunset. 43180 (with 59005). New in November 1981 and owned by Porterbrook.