Friday 2 February 2018

NMT at Newport, 26th January 2018

1Q20 07:50 Crewe - Newport (half an hour in platform 4) - Derby

43062 John Armitt, having led the consist into Newport. Note the pitot tube at the front. New from BREL Crewe in September 1977.

977984 is a Staff Coach, with generator capabilities. Originally Trailer Kitchen First 40501 of  Lot 30884 completed at Derby in 1976-77. Leased to Network Rail by Porterbrook.

975814 is a Conference Coach, originally a prototype HST TF coach 11000, later 41000, built to Lot 30848 at Derby in 1972.

977993 is an Overhead Line Equipment Test Coach, originally TGS 44053 built to Lot 30949 at Derby in 1982. Leased to Network Rail by Porterbrook.

977994 is a Track Recording Coach, earlier TGS 44087 from same lot and ownership as 977993.

975984 is a Lecture Coach, formerly  Laboratory 15 "Argus" and later "Test Car 4". Built as Trailer Buffet Second 10000, later 41000, for the prototype HST to Lot 30849 at Derby in 1972-73.

43013 was the other power car, new from BREL Crewe in May 1976.