Tuesday 20 February 2018

Class 59 locomotives, Westbury, 16th February 2018

Built as long ago as 1985, at EMD La Grange, IL, arriving at Southampton on 21st January 1986, this is 59001 YEOMAN ENDEAVOUR, now in Aggregate Industries colours. Seen here with 7O40 13:35 Merehead - Eastleigh, which it will proceed to run around.

From the same 1986 delivery, 59002 ALAN J DAY is leading 7B12 11:35 Merehead - Wootton Bassett.

59102 Village of Chantry entered traffic for Amey in November 1990, being delivered from GMD at London, Ontario. Seen here running around the 7V52 12:35 Hamworthy - Whatley, a service which may now last only a couple of further months.

59103 Village of Mells similarly entered traffic for Amey in November 1990, the business rebranding as Hanson in 1999. The most visible modification from the 59/0 group is the change to BR standard Wipac light clusters, which currently are being replaced by LED units on some Class 66 locomotives. Here seen working 6L21 13:30 Whatley - Dagenham.

59104 Village of Great Elm leading 6V18 11:20 Allington - Whatley. This loco entered traffic in November 1990 along with the two above.

DB Schenker 59205 was originally delivered to National Power from Canada in August 1995, and carried the name Vale of Evesham. National Power's rail operations were short lived, and were passed to EWS in 1998, eventually being supported by Mendip Rail from the 2005 period, with concentration upon the aggregates workings. Here seen in charge of 7C77 12:38 Acton Yard - Merehead.