Sunday 18 February 2018

DMU changes at Westbury - the Old Guard, 16th February 2018

The Class 150/1 dmus are now being phased out as the 166s arrive in the Bristol based allocations. 150106 and 150121 were seen through the day. Seven sets are expected to depart by 14th April, leaving 150125 / 126 which are the basis of 3 car units 150925 / 926. These will lose the centre cars and continue to run for GWR.

Prototype units 150001 / 002 appear to be being retained by GWR - they may not have been wanted elsewhere.

All 153s will be removed from GWR service this year.

150121 is seen departing with 2F94 10:08 to Warminster.

150106 has been de-branded, and came off-lease the next day on Saturday 17th, for movement to Barton Hill and then later onwards to Northern. Seen leaving with 2F96 17:11 to Warminster.