Saturday 24 February 2018

Former National Power HJA wagons, Westbury, 16th February 2018

We are mostly familiar with the former National Power Class 59/2 locomotives, for a long time migrated to Somerset and in the ownership of DB Cargo. But what of the wagons from the National Power investment?

There were two types of wagons. The larger group were for transport of coal, and the smaller for that of limestone. The coal wagons were of type JMA, and later became HKA renumered to 300601 - 300685, and are still around today.

The limestone hoppers were delivered first, from Powell Duffryn SA of France in 1993-94, ahead of the launch with 59201 as type JHA, originally NP19400 - 19420. These are shorter than the coal hoppers, and are also differentiated by the three ribs on the lower sides. They were used on a Tunstead to Drax flow, the limestone being used for flue-gas de-sulphurisation, producing gypsum.

Around 2012 these became HJA 300400 - 300420, also re-bogied at this time. All still seem to be around, and are noted here in the Somerset stone traffic.

LTSV Wagons: National Power JHA/JMA Hoppers (later HJA/HKA)
RMWeb: ex National Power JMAs
Gingespotting: HJA - Bogie Aggregate Hopper Wagon

When seen at Westbury, 16 of the 21 wagons were working in 6B35 09:50 Wembley - Whatley. led by 66167. The lineage of the wagons was quite apparent as the masking of the National Power logo has weathered away. This is 300407.

This is 300415. The wagons originally rode on LTF25 bogies, but now run on the Axiom Rail TF25E bogies, which can be considered as developments from LTF25.