Sunday 18 February 2018

DMU changes at Westbury - the New Order, 16th February 2018

Class 166 dmus are now working regularly to Westbury, with some onward workings to Weymouth, Frome, Warminster and Salisbury (early in the morning). While all have the Ride Height Modification, marked by a yellow triangle, the livery and refurbishment status seems to be varied by unit.

First Great Western blue is retained by 166207 running with 2O86 08:42 Gloucester - Weymouth
"This service was cancelled between Yeovil Pen Mill and Weymouth due to disorder (VA)."

166210 is in GWR green.

Similarly in GWR green, 166214 proceeds westward with 2M09 12:47 Swindon - Frome

166206 only put in an appearance in the early evening, this example again in GWR green.