Monday 19 February 2018

Prototype JFA wagon, Westbury, 16th February 2018

ARC (Amey Roadstone Constuction) 17901 is the only JFA, which served as the prototype for the Amey JHAs, and is even marked as such. It works amongst them in the Whatley based pools, seen here in 6C76 14:39 Acton - Whatley.

Originally built in 1989 as as a PHA (P for Private Owner) by Standard Railway Wagon at Heywood Works to their Contract Number 126 and numbered SRW 17901. The wagon is specified at 102 tonnes (80.3 capacity, a first for steel construction at the time, + 21.7 tare), and runs on Gloucester LTF25 low track force bogies.

Sold to ARC as part of Contract 134, changing ownership prefix from SRW to ARC, and reconfigured as an outer wagon.

From the production batch of JHA wagons, this is ARC 17907. There are a number of clear differences.

The outer wagons are numbered 17901 - 17932, and the inner wagons are 19800 - 19891 from Standard (by then Powell Duffryn Standard) Contract 134 of 1990 added to by 19892 - 19913 from Procor at the same time.