Saturday 17 February 2018

12th - 17th February 2018

Monday 12th February:
Tuesday 13th February:
Wednesday 14th February 57307 + 37069 + 37609 0Z68 10:19 Eastleigh - Willesden Brent one (later to Crewe one two) ; 37219 +  37254 1Z52 (ghoster ?) Woking - Eastleigh; 1Q53 11:48 Eastleigh - Southampton Up Yard - Wimbledon Park - Southampton Up Yard - Wimbledon Park - Totton Yard - Eastleigh - Romsey - Eastleigh one two three
Thursday 15th February: 37219 +  37254 1Q54 12:27 Eastleigh Arlington (Zg) to Hither Green one two
Friday 16th February: 37069 + 37259 0Z97 03:45 Crewe - Eastleigh one
Saturday 17th February: 37069 + 37259 5Z97 03:30 Eastleigh - Gloucester (and to tour one two three)

As can be seen, DRS may have had another plan, or changed their plan, so 37069 + 37609 were hauled back to Crewe Gresty Lane by the returning 57307 on Wednesday. Then on Friday 37069 + 37259 returned south for the next tour duties, the latter being seen on flask duties on the preceding day (one two three)

66081 has arrived at Eastleigh Works for transformation into 66784. It appears to have arrived via a Bicester MOD working on the 14th.

Eastleigh Works: 11Jan - 17Jan - 18Jan - 19Jan - 29Jan
- of particular note is the thorough work going into Mk1 FO 3146 - see 17th Jan

Hamworthy Stone: may finish in March - April: "It is believed locally that the owner of the site at Dawkins Road has served notice to the Tenants as they want to redevelop the land for housing" - but I am confused by this as the Dawkins Road site is a group of industrial units near Hamworthy Junction, whereas this is the Cemex facility at the quay. Apparently stone was transshipped for supply to the Channel Islands.The location could be highly valued for marina style flats.