Friday 23 February 2018

Part of the HOBC, Westbury, 16th February 2018

One part, roughly half of the HOBC4 (High Output Ballast Cleaner). This is a different train from the MOBC which was seen frequently in this area some two years ago.
  • 66504 STP 14:25 Taunton Fairwater Yard - Westbury
  • 66504 came off as a run around, 66148 shunted the stock into the yard where ballast was loaded
  • train then was pushed back by 66504
  • 66504 STP 17:45 Westbury - Taunton Fairwater Yard

The actual departure was some 25 minutes early, but on dusk.

Trailing view of DR 92432 - Ballast Distribution Train Power Wagon YDA NPW-RT.

A leading view of the same piece of equipment, this time on the push-back before departure.

DR 92444 at the other end, a Materials Handling Train Hopper Wagon, built by Plasser & Theurer in 2005. YDA - MFS-D.
In the consist DR 92458, of similar type to 92444.