Tuesday 23 May 2017

"New Stuff" at Eastleigh, 21st May 2017

68027 (left, with stored 57011) was unloaded at Workington on the 30th March. While anticipated to be for use on Trans Pennine Express, the simple DRS logo was applied in mid-April, before entering traffic on 3rd May.

68027 is the newest member of its class on UK soil on 21st, although 68028 - 68031 were on a ship passing through the Irish Sea that same evening.

68027 departed from Eastleigh as 0Z41 14:35 to Crewe.

70817 is the highest numbered member of its class, and arrived at Liverpool on a ro-ro vessel on 18th April. Sent to Cardiff for some signal related modifications, it was released to traffic on 19th May, its first working from Westbury preceded this weekend parked at Eastleigh.