Friday 19 May 2017

Swanage Diesel Gala Focus: 47192

47192 has spent more time in preservation than in BR ownership. New as D1842 from BR Crewe in May 1965, it was allocated in Crewe for most of its working career, becoming 47192 in April 1974.

Withdrawn in May 1988 and the first of its class to be preserved, in 1990 at Crewe Heritage Centre.

I appear to have first seen this locomotive in 1977-78, but my detail notes seem devoid of the number.

At Norden, at the start of the day.

At Swanage, upon arrival of the 10:00 from Norden.

Departure of the 12:15 Swanage to Norden.

Between Corfe and Norden with 16:00 from Swanage.

Between duties at Norden.