Thursday, 25 May 2017

Colas Cement Empties in Fife, May 2017

Cement traffic from (Dunbar) Oxwellmains to (Aberdeen) Craiginches is currently busy, and operated 10 times across two weeks. 6B32 16:52 return from Craiginches offers the opportunity for evening views in Fife.

There are rumours in Scotland that these workings could be about to transition to Colas Class 70s - with 70802 now arrived for crew training.

60056 passing Aberdour, 16th May.

60056 again, at Dalgety Bay, 18th May.

Two views of 60096 on 19th May, at Aberdour.

Aberdour signalbox, closed on 22nd October 1979, has been reactivated as an artist's studio for ceramics.