Sunday, 28 May 2017

Eastleigh, Maritime & Romsey, 27th May 2017

442424 and 442405 await their future in the emu carriage sidings at Eastleigh - a new traction package update for First MTR South Western or to work for Grand Central?

JNA NACO 3910 appears unexpected in the sidings and may be a 'cripple' (and close to a  capable repair facility).

Two Class 70s doing their bit for diesel particulates. 70014 with 4O90 05:27 from Leeds.

70007 powers away with 4O29 0820 from Basford Hall.

The current list of formally stored Class 70s is 70001, 70002, 70009, 70013, 70016 & 70018. 70014 had returned to traffic in late April after over 7 months out of use.

Recently delivered 08571 at Maritime, New as D3738 on 5th June 1959, and allocated to Dalry Road (formerly the Caledonian, later LMS, shed) in Edinburgh. Also later allocated to Haymarket, Leith Central and Grangemouth before the mid 70's, it was allocated to HA when I first saw it in 1977-78 period. The locomotive received attention in March and April this year at LH Group, Barton under Needwood.

08624 was reported to have been delivered to Maritime on Friday 26th / Saturday 27th replacing 08785. However it was not visible and may have been under the bridge. Stored 66596 similarly not visible, but assumed hauled to Wentloog as planned.

At Romsey, 66044 passes as the 0O12 10:55 Margam - Eastleigh. Released on 5th April from repaint at Marcroft, Stoke.