Sunday, 25 May 2014

Eastleigh Works, 25th May 2014

DBSO 9710, last in use with 'One' in East Anglia in August 2005. Mark 2f, to Lot 30861 built at Derby in 1974, converted to DBSO at Glasgow in 1979.
57303, will this move on to DRS? Continuing the Edinburgh - Glasgow 1980's theme, this was "Shove Duff" 47705, new as D1957 in January 1967
66745 Modern Railways The first 50 years was formerly DRS 66409 later 66844 with Advenza for a short period in 2009, then GBRf and Colas.
ADB977087 is a barrier car converted from Its pair alongside as set T2 is ADB975875. Originally BSK S34971 of Lot 30229 built by Metro-Cammell delivered in January 1957, converted to air brake and electric heat in July 1967, and withdrawn in April 1981. Converted to current use in May 1982.