Thursday 19 December 2019

Eastleigh Works and T&RSMD, 17th December 2019

801215 appears ready to depart from the carriage sidings, this had arrived in Eastleigh on 11th December.

A side view of 801215.

37057 had arrived from Derby with a test train. This now has domino market lights, following damage to the retro blinds which were re-fitted at time of restoration in its preservation period.

99666 is a Structure Gauging Train Support coach, understood to be a 'runner' with no content inside, and only one access door. Originally Mk IIe FO W3250 built to Lot 30843 at Derby completed in December 1972. Converted to exhibition van 99666 from May 1996, then became a brake force runner for test trains from April 2008.

72630 is also a Structure Gauging Train Support coach, which works as a pair with 99666.

62384 is an Ultrasonic Test Train coach, taking this role from May 2012. Originally a 4-CIG MBSO which ran from July 1971 to April 2005, in unit 7396 later 1296, then 4-BIG 2258 and 4-CIG 1393. It then spent some time at the Great Central Railway until acquired for its current role.

DR 78821 is part of a Matisa P95 Track Renewal Machine (attached to DR 78801, 78811 and 78831), which normally works with DR 76751 a Ballast Transfer Machine, which is at Toton this week.