Friday 20 December 2019

A Pacer is Preserved, 142001 delivered to the NRM

142001 was delivered to Locomotion, at Shildon, on 18th December, being removed from service after duties on 13th.

Yorkshire Post: The National Railway Museum's new Pacer has arrived - ironically earlier than expected

A short video at Darlington Bank Top and North Road.

In 17th October 2016 I took some pictures of this 1985 completed unit while it was working on the Cumbrian Coast.

On a working to Carlisle, 142001 (DMSL 55592 leading) is passing along the sea wall between Whitehaven and Parton.

The going away view (DMS 55542).

142001 is now approaching Parton, also heading towards Lowca. The Fletcher Jennings works where the Talyllyn No. 1 and 2 locomotives were built is somewhere close to where the tank is located, being led to by Foundry Road.

Returning from Carlisle, 142001 is paired with similarly first of class 153301, as the work between Workington and Harrington.