Thursday 11 May 2023

Let's all head to the seaside, 10th May 2023

 Swanage Gala related incoming workings.

47830 BEECHING'S LEGACY passing Romsey with 4Z47 14:54 Southall - Maritime.

The load was two empty FLA pairs.

40145 waits at Eastleigh Works during the shunt to add the class 50s.

45108 leads the shunt out of the Works into platform 3, for .0Z42 18:48 Eastleigh - Swanage.

45108 in the platform.

50026 Indomitable.

50021 Rodney, which made it with reportedly seconds to spare.

40145 was the leading locomotive.

33012 Lt Jenny Lewis RN arrives as 0Z12 17:50 Norden - Eastleigh Arlington.

At this point, the loco was prepared to head into the Works, but it then actually proceeded into the East Yard.