Tuesday 16 May 2023

Swanage Railway Diesel Gala, 12th May 2023 Part 2: D8568

The first time that I had seen a working Clayton in over 50 years. Not as noisy or smoky as I remember some examples in Scotland.

Arriving at Norden with 1N00 09:35 Corfe Castle - Norden.

Upon arrival at Swanage with 1N01 09:48 Norden - Swanage.

Two pictures taken between turns at Swanage.

Shed 66A is Polmadie. 

On the rear of 1R06 11:39 Swanage - River Frome Viaduct.

Approaching Harman's Cross with 1R12 14:39 Swanage - River Frome Viaduct.

On the rear of 1R13 15:32 River Frome Viaduct - Swanage near Corfe.

Diesel Traction Group - D8568