Saturday 27 May 2023

22nd - 27th May 2023


While 66718 has been the focus of attention this week, 66721 has been working on the Gypsums. Passing Eastleigh with 4Y19 1230 Mountfield - Western Docks, 22nd May. Image by Roger Homan.

Monday 22nd May:
Tuesday 23rd May:
Wednesday 24th May:
Thursday 25th May:
Friday 26th May:
Saturday 27th May:

Class 313 units are still understood to be leased to Southern, although they now no longer use them, and have started to store them at Eastleigh. Movements to Eastleigh will continue from about 5th June. Disposal will then only start once returned to Beacon control.

66718 was turned out from Eastleigh Works, and then rededicated Peter, Lord Hendy of Richmond Hill, of Imber in the County of Wiltshire on 24th at Waterloo - one two three four five

Rail Adventure power cars 43423 and 43467 are reported as rubbed down for painting at Eastleigh Works.

Nuneham Viaduct update from Network Rail. Target remains 10th June.