Tuesday 9 May 2023

Westbury, 2nd May 2023

Images from Roger Homan, who reported that it was relatively quiet, with several aggregates freights passing on the avoiding line, and IEPs terminating because of the Castle Cary line closure.

60029 Ben Nevis arrives with 6Z50 0954 Willesden Dc Rail Sidings - Westbury Down T.C., where shunting then commenced.

66605 on a rake of Mendip boxes, 6C48 12:26 Appleford Fhh - Whatley Quarry F Liner Hh.

66558 + 59201 6L21 1321 Whatley Quarry F Liner Hh - Dagenham Dock A.R.C., timed for 4400 tonnes.