Monday 15 May 2023

Swanage Railway Diesel Gala, 12th May 2023 Part 1: 50021 'Rodney'

50021 Rodney, the locomotive which made it to the ball - after much work by a small team at Eastleigh, who also brought 50026 Indomitable to the event.

50021 coming off the stabling sidings at Swanage for the first time, to couple up to 1R08 12:39 Swanage - River Frome Viaduct.

For this first passenger working under the current ownership, 50026 was also coupled to the train, seen on departure from Swanage.

Ahead of its solo working, 50021 was then worked to the River Frome Viaduct on the rear of 1R14 15:39 Swanage - River Frome Viaduct, seen between Corfe Castle and Norden.

The first solo run, 1R15 16:32 River Frome Viaduct - Swanage, approaching Norden from the north.

50021 was new as D421 from English Electric Vulcan Foundry in May 1968, worked its last train in December 1989, and was withdrawn in April 1990. In preservation, after some moves, the present owner acquired it in 2014, and moved it to Eastleigh on 30th June 2015.

Admiral Rodney.
The most recent HMS Rodney.