Wednesday 31 July 2019

Gloucester & Warwickshire Diesel Gala, 26th July 2019: 45149

45149 was originally delivered as D135 from BR at Crewe on 30th December 1961, and allocated to Derby. ETH was fitted and the locomotive was renumbered to 45149 in February 1975. Withdrawn from BR service on 14th September 1987, with a defective traction motor. After extended storage at Cricklewood then Leicester, disposal into preservation followed in 1992, initially at Crewe where the power unit was lifted out. The separated parts arrived at Toddington in April 1997 following sale to the Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group.

The loco made its preservation debut at the Diesel Gala in July 2013.

My records show that I first saw this locomotive on the night of the 2nd - 3rd September 1983, probably at York. I was travelling on a cheaper overnight train ticket in a summer relief train to Edinburgh hauled from Kings Cross by 46014, which itself lasted only another 8 months. I recall that I had room to sleep lying on the seat of a Mk 2a 1st class compartment.

Approaching Cheltenham Race Course with the ecs for the first train of the day.

 Running around at Cheltenham.

At Winchcombe in a timetabled long stopover.

Departing Toddington for Winchcombe.