Saturday 6 July 2019

1st - 6th July 2019

59003 + 66013 + 66170 on 6O41 10:23 Westbury - Eastleigh, passing Romsey, 1st July.

66047 Maritime Intermodal Two arrives at Eastleigh with 4M71 09:45 Soton W Docks Berth 109 to Birch Coppice Exchange Sdg, 3rd July.

73119 Borough of Eastleigh runs from the yard at Eastleigh, 3rd July.

Monday 1st July:
Tuesday 2nd July: 67029 5Z62 09:51 Eastleigh - Tyseley one two three four five
Wednesday 3rd July: 66731 + 802209+ 802210 6X80 04:30 Dollands Moor - Eastleigh one two three four five six seven eight, 66731 6O80 14:20 Eastleigh - Dollands Moor
Thursday 4th July: 67023 + 67027 1X23 15:13 Salisbury - Southampton UGL - Salisbury; 66730 + 60021 + 73967 6E15 21:06 Eastleigh - Scunthorpe one two three four five
Friday 5th July: 800206 5X41 14:45 Willesden Jn - Eastleigh one two
Saturday 6th July: 35018 + 47802 1Z82 08:46 Victoria - Weymouth, 1Z84 16:35 Weymouth - Southampton  - Laverstock - Victoria - Flickr for the day

By Friday 802207 bore external numbers, and appeared to be ready to go at Eastleigh.

57312 has been noted rubbed down in the paintshop area at Eastleigh Works, while 47815 remains outside.

66747 is expected to depart from the paintshop at Eastleigh Works on Monday morning under near cover of darkness. It was receiving finishing touches on Friday 5th.

Spanish sourced rails from Arcelor Mittal arrived at Eastleigh through Marchwood on 1st July, and DB Cargo were due to deliver rails from Voestalpine in Austria on Saturday morning, although these seem to have been delayed at Wembley. The consignment was noted in France on Thursday.

Genesee & Wyoming to be acquired in US$8·4bn deal - press release - Reuters

From May annual meeting - Freightliner to perform 'Intermodal wagon fleet optimization' and 'Exit leases of older, less efficient wagons; enhance standardization of train sets to increase capacity'. The older wagons may be the FLA, FRA, KTA types?