Friday 5 July 2019

Trans-Pennine AT300 delivery to Eastleigh, 3rd July 2019

66731 + 802209 + 802210 arrive at Eastleigh behind 66731 as 6X80 0430 Dollands Moor (Gbrf) to Eastleigh Trsmd. We will have a look at the barrier wagons in a future post.

The unit and coach numbers were posted in the windows, it is expected that numbers will be applied when these emerge from Eastleigh.

PDTRBF 835209 of 802209 was the first car.

802210 (left) is joined to 802209 (right)

PDTS 831210 of 802210 at the rear.

The train runs in via the depot loop, again this is 802210 on the rear.

From other photographers: 802209 802210