Tuesday 16 July 2019

Westbury, 11th July 2019

66847 Terry Baker 6M40 11:56 Westbury Down T.C. to Cliffe Hill Stud Farm Gbrf, now operated by Colas, and formed of Network Rail IOA (E) box wagons.

59001 YEOMAN ENDEAVOUR arrives with  6V18 11:25 Allington A.R.C. Sdg. to Whatley Quarry empties.

66154 pauses for a crew change with 6Z42 14:32 Acton T.C. to Merehead Quarry empties.

800021 arrives with 1C89 16:33 Paddington - Exeter.

This was the working of the day at about 40 wagons, but I was in the wrong place. 59005 KENNETH J PAINTER + 59102 Village of Chantry 7A15 17:05 Merehead Quarry to Acton T.C. The locomotives were both under power working in multi.

59004 PAUL A HAMMOND arrived with 7V12 15:38 Woking - Merehead and ran around the train.

609001 appears to be in a line of parked wagons. The FAA type is a well container wagon, built as a batch of 100 by Thrall Europa at York in 1999 for EWS, and latterly believed to have been most active on MoD traffic. More than half of these are understood to be stored, and in recent weeks some of these have been going to scrapyards. Greenbrier still list the wagon type on their website.