Saturday 27 July 2019

22nd - 27th July 2019

59003 YEOMAN HIGHLANDER 6O41 10:14 Westbury-Eastleigh approaching its destination. All pictures were on 25th July.

66416 passes Eastleigh with late running 4O05 07:19 Birch Coppice - Maritime.

70010 was early and held outside of Eastleigh, before passing with 4O14 05:36 Garston - Maritime.

Trans-Pennine 802208 appears ready for departure.

Monday 22nd July: 47245 5Z56 10:04 Acton - Eastleigh one, 0Z56 12:52 Eastleigh - Southall; 60026 in East Yard at the weekend, it was in the works by 24th - body repair and repaint
Tuesday 23rd July:
Wednesday 24th July: 66703 + 802211 + 802212 6X80 04:12 Dollands Moor - Eastleigh one two three four; 33012 0Z43 10:13 Swanage - Eastleigh one two, 33012 + 55028 5Z43 15:10 Eastleigh - Swanage one two three four five six seven eight nine
Thursday 25th July: 60009 + 47802 T+T 1Z82 08:45 London Victoria to Weymouth one two, 1Z84 16:35 Weymouth to London Victoria Flickr for the day
Friday 26th July: 67024 11:31 1Y91 Victoria - Hove one
Saturday 27th July: 47245 0Z25 10:31 Southall - Eastleigh one; 5Z25 15:47 Eastleigh - Didcot - Bristol Kingsland Road - which failed at Basingstoke, 33025 sent to assist, failed at Swindon, 47802 sent to further assist one two three four five six

Third rail being re-instated at Eastleigh, noted on 25th, replacing that removed in May 2017. More similar rails arrived by truck across Campbell Road Bridge. A possibility appears to be that the sidings will be used for new SWR emus.

Eastleigh Works: 24Jun - 25Jun - 27 Jun

37188 was broken up on the past week at Leicester, in November 2015 it seemed to become part of the Colas operating fleet.

66773 is in the paintshop at Eastleigh, and may be booked to Brighton and return on Friday 2nd.