Tuesday 30 July 2019

Gloucester & Warwickshire Diesel Gala, 26th July 2019: 26043

26043 was new as D5343 from BRCW on 2nd October 1959, and allocated to 64B Haymarket, although by July 1960, 60A Inverness was its home depot.

Renumbered to 26043 in January 1974. Heavy General overhaul and air brake fitted at Glasgow Works, completed in May 1985,

Withdrawn on 19th January 1993, following a power earth fault.

Preserved by the Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group, and based at Toddington since April 1994. Restored to use in 2013, but did have some traction motor issues, now resolved.

I first saw this locomotive in Glasgow Works when I visited on 4th October 1980 (RCTS visit?). The repair work was completed the following month. More recent appearances at Swanage in 2017 and on the Mid-Hants in 2018.

Preparing for a departure from Broadway.

Passing the neck of the yard at Toddington.

Pulling into the platform at Winchecombe.

Departing from Winchcombe.