Saturday 6 July 2019

Colas operated Network Rail Test Train, Romsey, 4th July 2019

67023 Stella + 67027 Charlotte deputise for the NMT on 1X23 15:13 Salisbury - Southampton UGL - Salisbury, which operates monthly on Thursdays.

67023 leads into Romsey

9523 was built as a Mk2F BSO to Lot 30861 at BREL Derby in June 1974, and was transferred to the test train fleet in January 2013 as a brake force runner. Already noted here in a number of different test trains.

977997 is a Radio Survey Train Test Coach, RSC3. Built as TSO W6126 to Lot 30860 at BR Derby in 1974, this became Gatwick Express 72613 in February 1984, moving on to it departmental number in September 2009, initially srving as a brake force runner before being fitted out for radio survey. Previously seen in these pages in 2015.

72631 is Plain Line Pattern Recognition Coach PLPR1. Originally Mk IIF TSO W6096 in the same lot as W6126 (above), entering traffic in February 1974, converted to 72631 in May 1984 for Gatwick Express. To departmental use by 2007, converted to its current role in August 2012, and once previously seen on these pages.

975091 MENTOR has the most interesting history, now an OHLM (overhead line) Test coach although here is was likely only present as a generator van or for brake force. Originally Mk1 BSK S34615 built by Gloucester RC&W to Lot 30142 inOctober 1985, this was withdrawn in 1970 and was renumbered into the departmental series in 1971 to be converted by 1973 as ADB 975091 Test Coach 3 MENTOR (Mobile Electrical Network Testing, Observation and Recording).

As part of the opening of the electrified West Coast Main Line north of Preston, the Queen and Prince Philip rode in this car on 7th May 1974.

'MENTOR' is still marked on a coach end of this longest served vehicle in the Infrastructure Monitoring fleet. It has one previous appearance on these pages.

67027 on the rear

67027 now leading on the return.

The train proceeds towards Salisbury.

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