Saturday 1 August 2015

A further test train at Romsey, 30th July 2015

67008 + 67023 1X23 13:39 Salisbury - Southampton Up Goods Loop - Salisbury

 67008 arrives from Southampton with the test train, which had previously run to Exeter from Old Oak Common and Paddington.
977997 (RSC3) is a Radio Survey Coach. Originally built as Mk IIf TSO W6126 as part of Lot 30860 at Derby in 1974. Transferred to the Southern Region in 1983 and converted to TSOLH S72613 for Gatwick Express unit 8307. Converted to its current role in September 2009.
72631 is a Plain Line Pattern Recognition coach. Originally Mk IIf TSO W6096 in the same lot as W6126, entering traffic in February 1974, converted to TSOLH as 72631 in 1984. Converted to its current role in August 2012.
99666 is nominally a Structure Gauging coach, but it understood to be a 'runner' with no content inside, Originally Mk IIe FO W3250 built to Lot 30843 at Derby completed in December 1972. Converted to exhibition van 99666 from May 1996, then became a brake force runner for test trains from April 2008.
72630 is a Structure Gauging Train Coach, also to Lot 30860 from Derby, entering traffic as W6094 from February 1974, converted to TSOLH as 72630 in 1984. Joined the test trains fleet in Ultrasonic Test Train use from July 2002, then converted to current role from late 2013.
67023 was under power and running in multiple with the leading locomotive.