Monday 31 August 2015

Cement empties to Oxwellmains from Aberdeen Craiginches, 20th - 26th August 2015

6B32 16:52 Aberdeen Craiginches to Oxwellmains Cement Empties. All pictures at Aberdour.

On Thursday 20th, 66607 was working the return journey, but only with two Ferrywagons.
It was 66607 again on Monday 24th the consist was a longer 36 PCAs, which appeared to include those expected southbound on Thursday. 
On Wednesday 26th there were five Ferrywagons, again probably a rebalancing. 66619 Derek W. Johnson MBE.
There are three tank types oin use. PCA BCC 10802 (BREL Ashford 1981)
PCA BCC 10839 (CFMF France, 1980) ,with BCC 10678 beyond.
PCC BCC 11121 (Powell Duffryn, 1984-87)